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Every Campus a 
at Clemson University


Who we are

Every Campus a Refuge is a national award-winning and growing higher education initiative that helps Higher Education Institutions become community partners in providing a supportive welcome to locally resettled refugees while deepening place-based and experiential learning for students. ECAR uses university resources to invest in experiential learning and best practices for university involvement in local refugee resettlement and integration by partnering with the local resettlement agency, community organizations, employers, and individuals.

ECAR at Clemson was born in the Fall of 2022 as a Creative Inquiry (CI) team (an undergraduate research group). The ECAR CI is the current home for ECAR academic opportunities and service-learning projects. It pairs a humanities-based, multidisciplinary study of global displacement and refugee resettlement with project design and volunteering. It involves community and peer collaboration, team project design, and implementation. The CI Includes weekly readings and seminar-style discussions, guest speakers and conversations with refugee teachers based internationally, and service learning pre- and reflection. ECAR at Clemson is also expanding its volunteer network to fulfill its mission of creating a culture of welcome for our resettled neighbors in the Clemson community in any capacity we can through multiple facets of service work.

This website is where you will find opportunities to volunteer, helpful resources and vocabulary, our student research blog posts, interviews, documentation of the work that we are pursuing at Clemson to create a more inclusive community for our resettled friends, and more.

Thank yous &


Thank you to all to have those who have made ECAR at Clemson possible. Additionally, a big thank you to all the student members of the ECAR Creative Inquiry team as well as our volunteers and faculty partners. 

In the Community:

  • Lutheran Services Carolina (LSC, our local resettlement agency)

  • ECAR & Dr. Diya Abdo

At Clemson University:

  • Office of Creative Inquiry

  • Departments of Languages and English

  • College of Arts, Architecture, and Humanities

  • Honors College

  • National Scholars Program

  • Alpha Phi Omega


Recent Blog Posts

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